Product Review: Maida Body Polish Bar

We stumbled upon a few stalls whilst at Brick Lane on Sunday. A company selling cacao butter body polish bars caught our attention. The massive ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’ sign did it, to be honest.

From speaking with them I could tell they were passionate about their product. There weren’t loads of unpronounceable ingredients in the bar either, so I decided to pick  one up. They had three bars to choose from; a floral, spiced and straight up cacao. I went for the last one.

One side is smooth and the other is rough; I think this may be cacao seed, though I’m not sure.  I rubbed a little bit on my upper arm and I was able to rub this into my whole arm. It scrubs then coats your body in cacao butter goodness. It left my skin feeling soft and insanely smooth. I kept feeling my hands and arms after the shower. So happy I picked this bar up.

The bar is pretty big and a little goes a long way, so it’s great value for money. As it is so moisturising I won’t need to use it every day, maybe once or twice a week. Perfect for the cold winter months.

This was a great find and we’ll definitely be using this from now on. I reckon I’ll pick some up as Christmas presents too.

Maida are a new company. Their website is going live in six days. We met them at the Brick Lane market in the Truman Brewery on Sunday, in the London Artisan section. Really nice and friendly people running this business. Great cruelty-free find in London.

The bar cost £14.


Instagram: @maidavida

Maida body polish bar.JPG
Maida Body Polish Bar, £14





One thought on “Product Review: Maida Body Polish Bar

  1. Wow, what a lovely surprise! Maida is my little baby so it’s always great to hear that our new found customers are enjoying our products (and that our not so subtle sign did the trick). A million thank yous for the kind review and hope you enjoy our new website when it launches. We really appreciate your support!!

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