Product Review: Mr. Masey’s Beard Oil

Beards and vegans seem to go hand in hand. So it won’t surprise you to learn I have one. Finding cruelty free beard oil can be challenging. On an aside if you’re starting out growing your beard make sure you invest in a good beard oil. Some people complain of having an itchy beard, which was something I suffered with, in the early days. I found that regular brushing and beard oil solved this. The oil softens the hair and moisturises the skin underneath. I also found that avoiding things with alcohol and ‘nasties’ greatly improved the condition of my beard too.

On a weekend break in Brighton I walked passed Mr. Masey’s stall. I was in need of a new beard oil as the one I was using left my beard greasy. Mr. Masey’s is a cruelty free gem selling vegan beard grooming products. I spoke with the man himself, who unsurprisingly, was sporting a smart beard. His sincere passion for his business and cruelty free world view resonated with me. So I decided to pick up some much needed beard oil.


 Mr. Masey’s only use quality plant based ingredients which is apparent from regularly using it. The oils come in variety of fragrances, I opted for the ‘Love Potion,’ which had a traditional scent. It’s made with grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils: rosewood, sandalwood, bergamot and corriander. 10ml costs £5.95 and 30ml is £9.95.

You only need a few drops to work into the full length of your beard. I found that the oil coated all of my beard without any mess. It left my beard smelling great too. Throughout the day I noticed that my beard would still feel conditioned and soft. This is particularly noteworthy as I have thick and coarse hair. If you’re in Brighton pop along to Kensington Gardens and pick up some oil / other grooming goods. Alternatively there is an online store. Infinity Foods in Brighton are a stockist too.

Let us know what you think of the beard oil if you pick some up. PG



One thought on “Product Review: Mr. Masey’s Beard Oil

  1. Thank you so much for your review. I started making beardy things out of necessity; too many sub-standard, over-priced, non-vegan products made me make my own. I’m really passionate about my products and I’m introducing new lines in January.


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