Review: Tea at The Ritz

Eating out can be one of the biggest obstacles for people thinking about becoming vegan, and this can be particularly true when thinking about special occasions. There is good news though – lots of higher end establishments are getting wise to the growing number of customers with requirements around particular lifestyle choices (like veganism) or dietary needs (like allergies).


Whilst we often choose to celebrate special occasions at restaurants that are specif20161218_155616ically vegetarian or vegan (Manna and The Gate are just a couple we’ve been to recently), some of the most enticing luxury experiences are omni – thisdoesn’t mean we need to miss out! Calling ahead to the majority of high-end restaurants will ensure they prepare you an exciting and varied vegan menu. Cinnamon Club prepared us a fantastic mea
l for a birthday last year, and this Christmas we tried the special vegan afternoon tea at The Ritz. Since you need to book ahead for tea anyway, it’s not much extra trouble to request the vegan tea, and I’m very pleased to confirm that it’s excellent!

It’s definitely a special occasion thing as it isn’t cheap at £75 per person, but it is *incredibly* festive – the decorations are stunning and there is a small choir singing really excellent arrangements of popular Christmas songs around the piano to really set the mood.

We had a selection of finger sandwiches with lots of creative and flavourful fillings (topped up partway through – it’s the partial top up shown in the picture below), two warm scones with dairy free spread and jam, and three pastries each: a decadent banana and chocolate mousse, a miniature victoria sponge (the least impressive of the lot for me), and an aquafaba fruit meringue. All that, plus a pot of tea and a glass of champagne each.


The Ritz isn’t the only place to offer a high-end vegan afternoon tea – we hear that the offerings at Claridge’s and Sketch are both really excellent too. The main thing is to give it a try – call that restaurant you’ve always liked the look of and see if they can accommodate you.

Have you had a really fantastic luxury meal out as a vegan? Tell us about it in the comments!



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