Product Review: Washed Out Body Butter

Yes, we’ve featured Washed Out before. However, this isn’t favouritism so much as another really great product from these lovely folks!*

The new Body Butter from Washed Out is a real star product. Great on Lewis’ beard as much as his face, and fantastic for Ellie’s combination skin.

E: With my combination skin, I really struggle to find a single product that can handle the dry patches I get during winter, and the oily bits I have on my face pretty much year-round. I was expecting the Washed Out butter to be primarily used for dry elbows and hands, but when it came I was suffering a really painful dry skin day on my face, so just slathered it on to my freshly cleaned face.

£12 for 100g, £7 for 50g

The butter has a really light texture for a product like this, and absorbs into the skin really well. After a minute or two, it makes the perfect base for make-up too, and the Barista coffee-scented butter is great for a wake-up in the morning! If coffee isn’t your thing, there’s an unscented version, and a lovely sounding ‘Six More Weeks of Winter’, which is scented with rosemary, bergamot and pine essential oils.

100g is £12, and our 50g (£7) pot is about halfway through after 6 weeks, with two of us using it. I’d say that’s pretty decent value for such an effective product which feels like a real treat to use.

*for the absolute avoidance of doubt, we bought this product ourselves as we wanted it – Washed Out have never sent us freebies to review or paid us for reviews.


Product Review: Washed Out Soap

I like finding new independent UK vegan  / vegan-friendly businesses. I’m also big into soap and buy a lot of it. When I stumbled upon Washed Out Soap I lost my tiny little mind.

I’ve tried all sorts of soap and ended up buying cold-pressed most of the time. Washed Out Soap is my go to now. All the soap we use is from this cool UK based company. Everything is plant-based and vegan friendly. I’ve messaged the owner a few times who seems legit too. Here’s an interview with him talking about Washed Out.


They only use quality ingredients and nothing synthetic. This was apparent from the first time I used it as my skin wasn’t left feeling dry.  It leaves your skin fresh and polished. It’s an addictive feeling  which leaves you touching your soap soft skin throughout the day.

Washed Out sell a considered selection of soaps. From The Classic which has coconut oil in it, to my favourite, called The Barista. Unsurprisingly it has a brewed espresso base. This little gem exfoliates like a mofo. I can’t get enough of this. The bars are bombproof and last a long time.

One of the things I like about using bars of soap is the minimal packaging. Washed Out packaging is pleasantly simple too. I can’t rate this soap enough.


Instagram: washedoutsoapco

Small bars - £3
Large bars - £5