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Recipe: Vegan Christmas Pie

I came up with this recipe in defiant response to the constant “but what will you eat on Christmas Day?” questions from the non-vegans in my life. Let’s be clear, vegans can have as delicious a Christmas dinner as anyone else, and you don’t have to rely on meat replacements and the like[...]

Prettygood Christmas Gift Guide 2017


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is a pretty exciting one for us, our first as an online store. Christmas can be a tricky time for the conscious consumer. You want to show your friends and family that you care, and everyone likes a gift under the tree, but you don’t want[...]

Vegan City Guide: Norwich

So, Norwich kind of crept up on us as a vegan destination, but on our most recent visit we ran out of tummy space *way* before we ran out of places to try.


Vegan City Guide: Berlin


Let’s not beat around the bush, Berlin is flipping AMAZING if you’re vegan. There are options everywhere, and they seem to be springing up at a rate of knots!

Last summer we took a week’s holiday in Berlin, and happily ate our way around the city. As we recover from our second Berlin summer holiday in[...]

Vegan City Guide: London’


There are loads of really great resources for finding vegan eats and treats around town to help you plan a visit or a weekend adventure – try Happy Cow, or Vegan London if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for below! We’ve tried to break them down into helpful categories, but some will fall[...]

Vegan shoes: a mission

As winter finally makes an appearance in the UK, it’s time to revisit my annual mission: find some stylish, good quality, ethical footwear. I usually end up getting bored and buying some incidentally non-leather high street shoes, and then wish I’d stuck it out to find a decent ethical option. This year, I’m trying to[...]

Review: Hoodlamb Nordic Parka

I’ve been after a vegan winter coat for sometime. Having researched the options out there I opted for the Hoodlamb nordic parka. I’ve posted my video review below. Feel free to like and share.



Product Review: Märss Bags

Walking around London, you’d be easily convinced that there are only a handful of backpack brands (precisely which five would depend on which part of London…). I’m sure it’s the same all over the world. Thing is, I wanted a backpack that didn’t have lots of extra plastic fixings, and certainly didn’t have any[...]

Product Review: Soap Nuts

I have read varying views on the effectiveness of soap nuts ability to clean. Given the uncertainty surrounding them I thought best to try them once and for all. Sapindus, commonly referred to as soap nuts, are a native shrub to India. It is a natural surfactant which can be used to clean ones hair, skin, laundry and as[...]


So, you’ve decided to take a punt and try veganism for the month of January. Maybe you feel like it’ll be a nice way to be healthier after the excesses of Christmas, or to kickstart a healthy 2016. Perhaps you’re vegetarian already and want to see if you could manage a transition to[...]