Recipe: Vegan Bacon

I love vegan bacon and have tried lots of recipes. They all had one flaw or another so in the end I made my own. Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions / suggestions.

To obtain the flavours of blood-mouth bacon in beautiful vegan form, you will making two lots of seitan; one reddish in colour and one white. There are then two liquid and two dry recipes; one for the red and one for the white. Once made, the red seitan dough is divided into three and the white into two.

Before you start, pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius (about 350 Fahrenheit)  and have a roll of tin foil approximately 30cm long set to one side.


Bacon 1


Seitan Dough One:

One cup: vital wheat gluten

Two tablespoons: nutritional yeast flakes

Two teaspoons: onion powder

Two teaspoons:  smoked paprika

Seitan Liquid One:

½ cup: water

Two tablespoons: maple syrup

Two tablespoons:  liquid aminos

Two tablespoons: liquid smoke

One tablespoon: tomato puree

One teaspoon:  brown sauce combined with a tablespoon of water. You can use just one tablespoon of vegan Worcestershire Sauce. However, it can be hard to find.

One tablespoon: olive oil

Seitan Dough Two:

1/4 cup: vital wheat gluten

Two tablespoon: chickpea flour

One teaspoon: garlic powder

Seitan Liquid Two:

⅓ cup: water

½ teaspoon: fine salt

One tablespoon: olive oil


Seitan dough & liquid One. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl then slowly add the liquid. Divide into three equal parts and set aside. Repeat with second set of seitan dough & liquid – divide into two.

You will now need to layer the five lots of seitan. This will create the look of ‘bacon’ and give it a great flavour. Lightly roll out each piece of seitan to increase its length by one third.  Starting with a red piece of seitan layer the pieces together; red, white, red, white and red. You do not want this to be neat and uniform. Press the mound of layered seitan together and wrap in tin foil. Do not wrap too tightly as it will expand in the oven and place directly onto the oven rack seam side down.

It will take about 25-30 minutes to cook. Check every ten minutes and turn over – so the seam side is now not in direct contact with the oven. Repeat until firm (but with a bit of ‘give’ still) and very lightly browned. Do not worry if it is slightly soft – as you’ll fry each slice you can crisp it up to your taste in the pan. Remove from the oven and leave to stand for 10 minutes. As seitan is, in effect, dough it will be soft once out of the oven. Use a bread knife to thinly slice.

Finally, shallow fry in a pan using coconut oil (not olive oil). Brush one side of the bacon with maple syrup and have this side out of the oil initially. Fry for 30 seconds each side and serve.

Bacon 2.jpg
Vegan bacon and waffles drenched in maple syrup.