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Prettygood Christmas Gift Guide 2017


corinne taylor sensitive soaps packaged for christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is a pretty exciting one for us, our first as an online store. Christmas can be a tricky time for the conscious consumer. You want to show your friends and family that you care, and everyone likes a gift under the tree, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of buying dodgy gifts that will be in landfill before the Easter eggs are in the shops.

We hear you, and we’re here to help. As well as the wonderful products we stock right here, we’ve got some suggestions for great gifts that won’t undermine your ethical efforts, but will still bring a smile to those festive faces.

We’ve spent the past year selecting skincare products that are effective, ethical, and indulgent. In our busy lives, that 2 (or 10…) minutes of little luxury at the beginning or ending of a day can really make a difference. So, all of our products make great personal purchases, but are also totally stocking worthy, and make great gifts for pretty much anyone in your life.

For the body, we’re all about super soft skin, and products that are gentle and moisturising.

For delicate skins, the Sensitive soap from Corinne Taylor strikes the right balance between gentle and effective, leaving you fresh but never dry.

The Glow Sugar Scrub from No Ordinary Skin is a great gentle exfoliant, particularly for skin dried out by chilly wind and central heating. It leaves your skin smooth and moisturised and smelling amazing.

For a fresh wake-up, the Chocola soap from Lima Cosmetics gently exfoliates, whilst the scent of chocolate and coffee grounds sets you up for the day. All the exfoliants in our products are natural and biodegradable – no plastic microbeads here.

To top off that buffed skin, the Cocoa Babe body butter bar is incredibly soothing to use and leaves skin supple. We find the gentle vanilla and chocolate scent is great before bed. For those really dry areas (looking at you, elbows!), you can’t go wrong with the excellent Nourish Body Butter from Corinne Taylor. As Corinne is a holistic therapist, the fragrance of this product manages to make us feel simultaneously energized and totally chill.

For the face, we are totally in love with the Marshmallow Facial Cleansing soap from Lima Cosmetics. It smells good enough to eat (but please don’t!), and leaves your face feeling super soft. For a little soap, it really feels like a treat. After a soap cleanse, we like to follow with a cleansing oil to pull out remaining makeup traces and deeper grime, and the Balance Cleansing Oil from No Ordinary Skin is the best we’ve tried. The Radiance Serum is the perfect follow up to a double cleanse, penetrating well into skin without leaving any oily film on the surface.

You’ll be so glowy by Christmas day!

Raya Turtle Neck Top, £48 Komodo @ Third Estate

One of the things about switching from fast fashion and regular retail therapy is that your whole approach to your wardrobe shifts slightly – it’s about finding things that are well made, ethically produced, and strike the right balance between being striking and being wearable. Komodo and Armed Angels both get the balance right (watch out for wool, though), with some everyday items in really great cuts that make them versatile enough to go with lots of outfits – perfect for the capsule consumer. We love this turtle top stocked by our friends over at Third Estate. 

We have a healthy obsession with statement necklaces, and we also consider finding new bloggers who care about ethics and sustainability a hobby, so Sophie Benson has been a highlight of 2017 for us. So, imagine our excitement when we found her Etsy shop featuring amazing bold necklaces and the cutest crochet pot covers. If you’re not already sold, you should also know that these products are handmade from recycled yarn. Get yourself over there!

Crochet Pot, £15 from Colours May Vary on Etsy

Got someone in your life who misses those little festive indulgences since going vegan? We’ve got you covered – two words: Vegan. Baileys.  If that doesn’t quite do it for you, how about Gold Crème Brulee Liquer from M&S? Yep: vegan. We’re also big supporters of DIY chocolate tins. You know those big tins that stay close to the sofa all of December for you to dip into during the tense bits of Home Alone or Die Hard? Don’t miss out because you’re vegan – Tesco, Morrisons and Asda all have good free-from chocolate selections, Divine do great dark chocolate pennies, and you could join us in ordering a bunch of treats from Vegan Burd to stock up too.

Rollaz, £2 a pack from VeganBurd on Etsy

If you’re after a cosy hat for the winter, you can’t go far wrong with Hoodlamb. A totally vegan company making products from hemp and recycled plastics, you’ll be amazed at the quality of their craftsmanship. At 69 Euros for this Men’s Ruderalis Hat it isn’t cheap, but the quality is so good it’ll last you a lifetime. You can see a more detailed look at Hoodlamb’s handiwork in our recent video review of their Men’s Nordic Parka

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that doesn’t mean more stuff why not look into Vegan Society Membership, or a subscription to one of their magazines?

Perhaps you’re short on cash but want to show someone close to you that you’re making an effort to understand their choices by committing to Veganuary – I would be so excited to have a friend or family member sign up for a vegan month, and it’s free!

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