We’ll use this page to share the things we’ve read/watched/seen/heard that have helped us to focus on living a more ethical and sustainable life. It’ll be an ever-expanding list, and we’re always looking to expand our horizons, so if you’ve seen/heard/read something great (or you want to find out more about something and would like a leg up with the research), let us know!

Animals Should Be Off The Menu


The True Cost

Forks Over Knives

Food Inc.

Meet Your Meat



Ethical Consumer – a fantastic resource collating and analysing news stories and activities relating to retailers and producers all over the world and in all kinds of industries, they also produce ratings so you can find the most ethical supplier for whatever goods you need, and reports on particular industries and companies. The £30 annual subscription lets you see additional detail and is really worthwhile.

Labour Behind the Label – campaigning and research around fair working conditions and pay for clothing workers



2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Commenting on your product guide page..Did you know that St. Ives sold out to Unilever and Tom’s of Maine to Colgate? While the products are cruelty free the companies are not; and if people buy these they are helping to fund animal testing. Damn shame.


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