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Vegan City Guide: Berlin


Let’s not beat around the bush, Berlin is flipping AMAZING if you’re vegan. There are options everywhere, and they seem to be springing up at a rate of knots!

Last summer we took a week’s holiday in Berlin, and happily ate our way around the city. As we recover from our second Berlin summer holiday in a couple of weeks, I’ve been revisiting my map of highlights and updating it based on the amazing places we’ve visited (and some of the ones we didn’t make it to). We know that the post below barely scratches the surface of what’s out there, so if you’re looking for something more exhaustive Happy Cow is probably still your best bet. I’ve flagged a few of the below places as favourites – our absolute must-go places, but all of the places listed below have passed our rigorous taste testing ­čśë

Because it’s for holidaying, our Berlin map has a few more added extras than our London map – namely: good coffee places, shopping destinations, arts/cultural things to see, and bars. They are all colour coded because I love to plan, OK?


Burrito Baby **FAVOURITE**

Best. Burritos. Ever. It’s not a big place so get there early and be prepared to chill outside with a beer whilst a table frees up. It will be worth the wait, trust me.

Pfl├╝gerstra├če 11, 12047 Berlin, Germany


Cakes so good, we both had two and had to walk miles and miles to alleviate the sugar high. Their all you can eat brunch is properly good and really varied. We love this place so much, we went once for the brunch and again for some cake. Highly recommended.

Mainzer Stra├če 18, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Cafe Treibholz

We were lucky enough to be staying just around the corner from this little place, which meant great coffee and a freshly baked chocolate pastry every morning of our holiday. The staff were really friendly, and they had a range of freshly made vegan sandwiches and juices to choose from as well as perfectly brewed tea, quality coffee and tasty treats. They make pretty much all the food on-site daily, so it’s always super fresh (in every sense of the word)

Hermannstra├če 40, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Cafe Kanel

Another lucky local find, this is a really sweet little bakery right by Tempelhof, whipping up great veggie/vegan treats every morning.

Schillerpromenade 25, 12049 Berlin, Germany


The Sudanese meals here rank as one of my top 5 favourite things to eat ever. EVER. I highly recommend the #6, with tofu instead of halloumi. A cheap plate that I’d happily pay 5 times as much for. There are other Sudanese places (including a chain, Sahara, which is decent), but nothing to touch Tutti, in my opinion!

Zossener Str. 17, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Cafe Futuro

An unassuming bar that ran two separate vegan pop ups during the week we were there – we went along to Chakalaka Suppers and had a really delicious South African vegan meal in friendly surroundings. I recommend keeping an eye on their event listings online in case something good is coming up!

Pannierstra├če 12, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Chay Village

They may not have a website, but about 90% of the menu at this Vietnamese restaurant is vegan, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice once you get there. Situated in a part of town with countless vegan options, it’s not a bad place to end up…

Eisenacher Str. 40, 10781 Berlin, Germany

Fast Rabbit

Another place on our ‘to try’ list, Fast Rabbit offer some really colourful and wholesome looking plates, not to mention some pretty ace looking chocolate brownies.

Eberswalder Stra├če 1, Berlin, Germany

geh Veg

A new recommendation that we’re yet to try, geh Veg offer a delicious looking vegan brunch and I hear you’ll be hosted by a couple of really friendly dogs into the bargain.

Birkenstr. 30 links, 10551 Berlin, Germany


Not only is this a vegan ice cream parlour, it’s also the regular home to Brammibal’s Donuts. I cannot wait to visit!

Danziger Stra├če 65, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany


Vego Foodworld

A restaurant. From the people who brought us VEGO BARS. What could possibly go wrong?!

Lychener Str. 63, 10437 Berlin


Two words most likely to get me out of bed in the morning: Vegan + Brunch. I plan to be at Kopps with bells on at least once during my holiday.

Linienstra├če 94, 10115 Berlin


Chipps looks like a proper grown-up restaurant with loads of vegan items (or vegan modifications) on their standard menu. It was too hot to think about formal dining last time we were there, but maybe we’ll make it this time…

J├Ągerstra├če 35, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Cookies Cream

Another casualty of the summer heat for our last visit, Cookies Cream looks like a slightly hipper version of Chipps (and more expensive to boot).

Behrenstra├če 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany


We walked for ages to get to Friedrichshain one day, just ’cause, and when we got there decided we had totally earned a treat. We happened upon cupcake and spotted some vegan options, and the rest is history. We popped over the road afterwards into a pretty good record store too, if that’s your thing.

Krossener Stra├če 12, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Let it Be

A totally vegan cafe with *massive* burgers and crepes, all named after famous vegans. They also have a limited stock of Brammibals Donuts which I very very strongly recommend tracking down!

Treptower Str. 90, 12059 Berlin, Germany


Vegan. Doner. Kebabs. This place saved my day when I was feeling a little bit fragile after a heavy night on the Radlers, but would be delicious even without the hangover.

Yellow Sunshine

We got back almost a week ago and I still can’t get the majestic image of a full 18 (yes, EIGHTEEN) totally vegan burger options on the menu at this place. If you’re hankering for that junk food hit, this is the place.

Charlies’ Asian Bakery **FAVOURITE**

A chance discovery during a wander round Oranienstrasse (which is, in itself, recommended, for Museum der Dinge and Voo Store and Nano Kaffee and and and…), Charlie’s became an instant favourite. A really wide range of freshly baked and delicious vegan cakes, all clearly labelled, as well as freshly made Vietnamese snacks including banh mi, banh bao, and summer rolls. They have *loads* of tea, and make a mean hot chocolate too, as well as Vietnamese espresso if that’s your thing.


I don’t know how we’ve been to Berlin twice and still not made it to Chaostheorie, but what can you do?

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